Saga / Kashima Travel Guide

Saga / Kashima is the area including Saga Prefecture’s Saga city, Takeo city, Ureshino city and Kashima city. The area has popular sightseeing spots such as onsen hot springs, and is also the center of the prefecture with business and municipal administration.

Saga Kashima has a wide variety of tourist destinations. As for onsen hot springs, Takeo Onsen with the characteristic tower gate, and Ureshino Onsen with thickened water are popular. For people who want to learn about history, Saga Castle History Museum, Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum, and the Yoshinogari Historical park, site of a village from the Yayoi era, are recommended. Also, the beauty of the four seasons can be enjoyed from places such as Mifuneyama Rakuen and Yutoku Inari-jinja Shrine.

Saga Prefecture is famous for Japanese sake and there is a street where sake breweries gather in Kashima city. Hizenya (Minematsu Sake Brewery), a tourist brewery, provides tastings year-round. Enjoy a drink made in Saga.

Transportation within the area is most convenient by car, however, it is possible to use the train or bus. The number of services per day for trains and busses are few, thus it is necessary to check with the Tourism Association or station before you make use of them. The closest airport is the Kyushu Saga International Airport. Take the bus or a taxi from the airport to Saga Station.

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