Miyazaki Travel Guide

Miyazaki is an area located in the southern part of Miyazaki prefecture.  It is the heart of the prefecture and includes the cities of Miyazaki and Tsuzuki.

A popular sightseeing spot is Aoshima Island, where you can see strange rocks made by wave erosion.  Besides that, there are also shrines and temples like Aoshima-jinja Shrine and Miyazaki-jingu Shrine.  Also, the Phoenix Seagaia Resort is popular as a honeymoon destination and can be enjoyed as a resort area.  

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.   For public transportation, you can use the bus or the seaside Nichinan line.  From major cities, it is easy to fly to the area.  From Tokyo, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to fly to Miyazaki Airport.  

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