Amakusa Travel Guide

Amakusa is an area located in the southwestern part of Kumamoto prefecture.  It is a group of islands made up of the cities of Kamiamakusa and Amakusa and is also called the Amakusa Islands.

For sightseeing, the beautiful sea enclosed by the Amakusa Islands is attractive.  The Five Bridges of Amakusa connect the Amakusa Islands with the Kyushu mainland and a popular activity is riding the Amakusa Sightseeing Boat “Pearl Line” sightseeing boat around the bridges.

Additionally, in 1560, Christianity was brought to Amakusa by the Portuguese Luis de Almeida.  Because of this, there are many places related to Christian culture that have been preserved by Amakusa Christians.  You can experience this history at Amakusa Christian Museum and Sakitsu Church.

You can get around this area by car and ferry.  The nearest airport is Amakusa Airport and if you fly from Tokyo, you must change planes at Kumamoto Airport. 

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