Iga Ueno Travel Guide

Iga Ueno is a region located in northwestern Mie prefecture.  It includes the cities of Iga and Nabari.

It is said that the city of Iga is the land where Igaryu ninja school was developed and there are many sightseeing spots related to ninja culture, including the Iga Ninja Museum. In addition, for people interested in places of historical value, we recommend Iga Ueno Castle, Hakuho Castle and the Basho Birth Place.

You can get around this area by car or train.  From Major cities, you can take the bullet or conventional train to Ueno-shi Station.  From Tokyo, take the bullet train to Nagoya then change to the Kansai Main line.  It takes about 4 hours.  From Osaka, it takes about 2 hours on the Kansai Main line.  

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