Tsuwano Travel Guide

Tsuwano is a region located in the southern part of Shimane prefecture.  It includes the county of Kanoashi and borders Yamaguchi prefecture.

Sightseeing attractions include the beautiful Taikodani-Inari-jinja Shrine, which was built in 1773 and has 1,000 torii gates, the Tonomachi Street, where you can take a walk through streets of old samurai residences, the Anno Mitsumasa Museum, where you can see works by the painter and winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award, and the Steam Locomotive Yamaguchi-go, which is entertaining for tourists and only runs on weekends and holidays.

You can get around this area by train and car.  You can take the JR Yamaguchi line.  The nearest airport is Hagi Iwami Airport and you can fly from major cities.  The nearest station to the airport is Masuda Station and it’s about 40 minutes away from Tsuwano by JR Yamaguchi line.

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