Oki Travel Guide

Oki is an island floating above the northern part of Shimane prefecture.  The island belongs to the county of Oki and includes the towns of Okinoshimacho, Nishinoshimacho, and Amacho and the village of Chibumura. 

For sightseeing, there are attractions like the famous uninhabited island "Rosoku-jima” (or Candle Rock), famous for its unique candle shape, Matengai Cliff, the highest rock cliff in Japan, and Mizuwakasu-jinja Shrine, which is deeply related with sumo wrestling. Also, you can taste the popular Oki Beef, made from cattle raised on the island.

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  From major cities, you can fly to Oki Airport.  If you fly from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, you have to change planes at Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.  The islands are connected by ferry so please use them for excursions.  

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